The end is near: 3rd Trimester

29-40 weeks.

Your new arrival is almost here. As the end of pregnancy draws nearer you may experience an intense mixture of emotions…

  • A sense of relief that the experience of pregnancy is almost over
  • Intense fatigue as the demands of the pregnancy take their toll
  • Wonder and excitement in anticipation of meeting your loved little one
  • Apprehension about the process of birth
  • Nervousness about taking your baby home and caring for a newborn.


Our visits will become more frequent now as I need to keep a close eye on how both you and baby are progressing. We will see each other every 2 weeks from 30 weeks then weekly from 36 weeks until delivery. 

I will continually assess your progress, both physically and emotionally. I will address any specific issues you may have, as well as gain an understanding of your expectations and plans. My aim is to arm you with knowledge, to help prepare you as best as possible for labour, birth and the postnatal period. 

At each visit I will assess baby’s movements, ensure your blood pressure remains normal, check baby’s heart beat and perform an abdominal examination to estimate size and position of baby.

If I have any concerns about baby’s growth, the fluid around baby, the blood flow through the placenta or the position of the placenta I may perform additional ultrasounds.

At 34 weeks

If you are a negative blood group I will give you anti D prophylaxis.

At 36 weeks

I will recommend a low vaginal swab to check for Group B Streptococcus

  • This is a common bacteria found in the vagina that can impact on baby as it comes through the birth canal.

  • If positive you will need antibiotics.

  • More information about GBS screening is available by clicking here( C-Obs_19_Maternal Group B Streptococcus in Pregnancy_Screening and Management_Review_Nov_12.pdf)

Around this time you will also have an appointment with our specialist Midwife, for a Maternity Care Plan. She will build on our discussions about your labour, birth expectations and plans, to ensure you have a clear understanding of what is to come and how to proceed. This visit takes about 1 ½ hours and is bulked billed so there is no out of pocket expense.

Let’s talk about YOU and how I can help


Is the way I’m feeling normal?

  • As your baby grows, your body will continue to change and the demands on you will continue to increase
  • It is not uncommon to experience the return of intense fatigue, Braxton Hicks contractions (false labour pains), pelvic ligament pain, shortness of breath, heart burn, constipation and haemorrhoids,
  • Talk to me about how we can improve the way you are feeling

What do I do in an emergency?

Contact the delivery suite at Calvary North Adelaide on 8239 9146 if you experience any of the following:

  • Painful regular tightening’s
  • Severe constant abdominal pain
  • Leakage of fluid from your vagina
  • Bleeding
  • Reduced or absent fetal movements

If you have any concerns call sooner rather than later, midwifes are available 24 hours a day. If they are worried they may ask you to come in and will notify me.

Foetal movements...

  • Feeling your baby move is one of the most amazing experiences you will have. You may first start to feel something around 18-22 weeks. In the beginning you won’t feel a lot but as your baby grows the movements will become more regular. Some women don’t feel their baby move as much, particularly if they are a larger body size of if their placenta is located at the front of the uterus. But foetal movements are a good indicator of your babies wellbeing. If you have concern about your baby’s movements contact the delivery suite where you are booked.
  • To learn more read here

How can my partner help?

  • Attend antenatal classes
  • Take over the household chores
  • Assemble the nursery furniture
  • Install the car capsule
  • Look in to their own paternity leave arrangements
  • Make sure they understand what their role will be in your labour: bringing music or food and drink, massage / food and drink / cut cord


Start planning for your baby’s arrival. As long as your feeling well start preparing what ever you can to make things easier for when baby arrives.

Order nursery equipment...

Order nursery equipment well in advance: basinet, cot, change table.

Make sure that...

Make sure that bed linen, muslins, towns and baby clothes are washed and ready for use.

Stock up on...

Stock up on tissues and sorbelen cream. This is the gentlest combination to clean your baby’s delicate bottom and will help to prevent nappy rash in the early days. Also have a good barrier cream on hand, prevention is always better than cure.

Ensure your...

Ensure your capsule fits in your car.

Continuing to eat well after your baby is born...

Continuing to eat well after your baby is born is so important, even more so if you are breast feeding but the act of going to the shops seems almost impossible for some time.

  • Set up online supermarket shopping sho you can have what you need delivered to your door.
  • Pre-prepare and freeze a selection of healthy homemade meals for you and your partner.
  • Stock up on supplies of coffee, tea biscuits etc so you are prepared for unexpected guests.

Purchase gifts...

Purchase gifts and cards for any upcoming events.

Make plans for if you go into labour early...

Make plans for if you go into labour early

  • Have a bag packed
  • Make arrangements for other children

In an emergency...

In an emergency make sure you contact the delivery suite at Calvary North Adelaide on 8239 9146 as soon as possible. They are available 24 hours a day and will ask you to come in and contact me if concerned.


  • Painful regular tightening’s
  • Severe constant abdominal pain
  • Leakage of fluid from vaginal
  • Bleeding
  • Reduced or absent foetal movements


Our clinic hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

If you are one of my patients and need emergency care or have a medical concern, please contact delivery suite at the Calvary North Adelaide Hospital: (08) 8239 9154

Alternatively dial an ambulance to be taken to the nearest emergency department.

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Clinic Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm


Dial an ambulance to be taken to the nearest emergency department.

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